To receive a free draft copy of The Smoke Whisperer Quit Smoking Concept please email Derek at and I will forward you a draft copy of the book and quit smoking plan ASAP at no cost to you.

The Writer

My name is Derek I am 64 years old and due to smoking related health issues my life has had to make some major adjustments, mainly due to the fact that I can not manage country pubs with my wife anymore, a job I have done for over 35 years in many parts of Australia.
The self- appointed job I now do on a volunteer type basis, is to promote this Free Quit Smoking Concept, which I hope can be of benefit to you or someone you care about.
As from 8/5/18 Four people have successfully completed the Smoke Whisperer Quit Smoking Concept, I hope you or someone you care about, can become number 5.

Kindest Regards.
Derek J Gibson

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